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Virtually any part of a business can be the basis for building the competitive edge. However, in the emerging business scenario, investments in human resource management have gained prime importance. Change is inevitable be it global competition, technological changes, the value of human capital or corporate values.

It is hence axiomatic for organisations to increase competitiveness and to actively re-examine themselves to enhance organizational vitality and competitive virtuosity. The many manifestations of change compel organisations to demonstrate receptiveness to innovation

Naturally then enterprise must overtake entropy. VIN Management Consultants offer s services in instilling such enterprise and addresses contemporary concerns and questions through integrated thinking aimed beyond conventional limits and disciplines. The following pages give a brief synopsis of how we could contribute to your organizational improvement programme.

Our Expertise

The Conference

We specialize in


Vin Management Consultants provides consulting on Financial matters especially, relating to start ups in areas of Fund raising , capital structuring, SME-IPO , working capital management , costing control strategies and all types financial compliances. 

We assist & coach clients to meet the following objectives
• Achieve Financial Goals
• Budgeting, Monitoring and controlling
• Treasury Management
• Risk Management
• Estate Planning
• Financial Awareness Training
• Legal Compliance Management
• Compensation Structuring 
• Retirement Financial Planning

Industries we worked with

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