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Executive Coaching

To compete effectively in today's global marketplace, employees at all levels-leaders and individual contributors alike- must make a commitment to their ongoing personal and professional development. Expanding workforce capability and leadership bench strength has never been more important, and employees must be readily deployed to new value-producing activities so that their organizations can respond quickly and effectively to business challenges and opportunities. Coaching provides an incisive ,customized, and effective way to develop both leaders and individual contributors, but it also labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. That is why it is so important that developers are highly skilled.

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We specialize in:

  • Media/Entertainment
  • IT/Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • FMCG
  • Financial Services

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About VIN Management

irtually any part of a business can be the basis for building the competitive edge. However, in the emerging business scenario, investments in human resource management have gained prime importance. Change is inevitable be it global competition, technological changes, the value of human capital or corporate values.

T is hence axiomatic for organisations to increase competitiveness and to actively re-examine themselves to enhance organizational vitality and competitive virtuosity. The many manifestations of change compel organisations to demonstrate receptiveness to innovation

aturally then enterprise must overtake entropy. VIN Management Consultants offer s services in instilling such enterprise and addresses contemporary concerns and questions through integrated thinking aimed beyond conventional limits and disciplines. The following pages give a brief synopsis of how we could contribute to your organizational improvement programme.

In today’s globally competitive and interdependent business world, VIN Management supports organizations and individuals to develop competencies, build efficiencies in systems and processes combined to achieve an optimum balance between opportunities and capabilities.

Our Vision

To be a globally competent, innovative, sensitive, continually learning company offering quality solutions for Strategic Human Resources Management to achieve business results.

Our Mission

To provide HR Solutions for Career Management, Organizational Development so as to enhance people performance standards.

VIN Management Consultants facilitates organizations which are:

  • In a Start-up Mode, where the concentration is on fundamental operational issues & the setting up of base systems & processes.
  • In a Rapid Growth Stage, where the focus is on capturing market share, introducing new products, developing competencies & building teams.
  • In a Steady Stage, where there is relative success, but organizational processes need stability & critical attention.
  • In a Merger, Acquisition or Disinvestment situation, where changed environments will need emphasis on cultural, systems, processes & people integration as well as competencies up-gradation.
  • In a Highly Competitive Environment, where rapid unpredictable change requires organizational renewal & transformation.

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Our Clients

VIN has helped improve the Human resource capital for organisations of every caliber. Here's a partial list of our esteemed clients :

Abacus Software Distribution Systems
Accor Corporate Services
Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.
Bombay Police Crime Branch
Boston Management Consultants
Big Bang Media
BPL Mobile Communications
Britt Worldwide
CINERGY Independent Film Services
CMP Medica
Datacraft India
Datamatics Technologies
Deutsche Bank
Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC)
DSP Merill Lynch
Entertainment Networks India
Eupharma Limited
General Motors India Ltd.
Hoechst Pharmaceuticals
IDBI Infotech
Iflex Solutions
IEEMA-Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufactures' Assocation
Indian Naval Dockyard
In2 Cable
Itali Indi
J. M. Morgan Stanley
KWAN Entertainment and Marketing Solutions Private Limited.
Kanazia Digital Systems
Leo Brunett
Lowe Lintas India
Morgan Stanley Institutional Securities
PWC Global
Phantom Films
Red Swastik (NGO)
Rediffusion DY & R
Retort Software Pvt. Ltd.
Rio Tinto Diamonds
Sahara Aamby Valley Lake City
Sanchez Capital Services
SC Johnson
Schiller Healthcare
Shringar Cinemas Ltd.
Shringar Films Pvt. Ltd.
Strategic Newspapers India Pvt. Ltd.
Shoppers Stop
Timms International
Transworld Group Of Companies
Triton Communications
Tupperware (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Turner International India
United Business Media (UBM)
VKL Spices
Woodhouse Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Wizcraft International
World Wide Media
Worldwide Technologies Ltd.
Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd.

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Dr. Vinaya Shetty (Founder and CEO)

Vinaya has 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Coaching & Mentoring.

Vinaya is an Associate of the Centre for Strategic Management, USA and is based in Mumbai, India. She has been invited by the Arabian Society of Human Resources Management (ASHRM) in Bahrain as a speaker in their international conference (April 2005), where she has along with Mr. Stephen Haines, CEO & Founder of Centre for Strategic Management coached the participants on Strategic Human Resource Management-the Systems Thinking approach. She has facilitated in sessions in Singapore & Dubai. The Centre has 20 offices in 38 countries and she is well versed at interacting with all the Global Partners. In January 2006, she managed the Global Partner meet in India. It was extremely well received.

She was a corporate senior HR Executive who pursued her dreams of forming her own consulting firm in 1996. Her firm, VIN Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, is a boutique HR service house. It commenced operations with the zeal to assist start-up companies in strategizing, implementing & institutionalizing their people and search practices. Hence, it was an HRO - an HR Outsourcing firm - much before the rest of India realized this tremendous potential of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

VIN Management Consultants specializes in five areas: HR Outsourcing, Behavioral Training for Executives, OD Consulting and Senior Executive Search.

The firm has assisted organizations across industries such as Information Technology, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Media, Entertainment, Retail &  Advertising.

Facilitating CEO's in start-up ventures translated into being an active coach for the CEO. Combined with her natural skills of counseling & a degree in Psychology, she has been coaching careers of innumerable professionals as part of her Executive Search practice.

Vinaya has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (Honors) and a Master's in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (Tata Institute of Social Sciences). She has completed her Doctoral programme from SNDT Women's University, Mumbai. The title of her thesis is "Strategic Human Resources Planning-Systems Thinking approach". She is a MBTI certified practioner, a Facet5 certified practioner & trainer and a certified Executive Coach. She has completed People CMM (version 2) by TeraQuest and on Strategic and systems thinking tools and techniques. Developed by Haines Centre for Strategic Management.

What makes her so easily adaptable to any industry is her ability to challenge the conventional wisdom and get results. Her passion for her work and life is contagious in all that she does. Her clients have been in almost every industry segment, both small and medium size firms. Creating HR Strategic Plans, systems and processes, organizational diagnosis, behavioral training, assessment centers, CEO coaching, and employee career counseling are some of her vast areas of consulting and training expertise.


Grade: UNCTAD Entrepreneurship Training Workshop

Dr. Vinaya Shetty was honored with the opportunity to attend the United Nations Empretec Programme.

Today, the Empretec programme is implemented through its national centers, which are currently in operation in 32 countries. Since its formation in 1988, Empretec has successfully trained over 240,000 people – helping to found or expand businesses, and creating thousands of jobs in the process.

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Our Alliances

Approach International

With a methodology that incorporates extensive referencing, networking, assessment, coaching and feedback, Approach fundamentally redefines Executive Search and Human Resource Development.

Inspired by quality and integrity and fueled by passion, Approach provides talent search services to senior management, across functional areas, in sectors like Consumer, Banking, ITES, Insurance, Telecom.

Approach Talent Solutions(sister concern of Approach International) , brings world class HR Tools from Consulting Tools, UK to India for LND professionals, consultants and hiring managers leveraging the experience and knowledge, ATS now is providing value added services in the area of Talent Acquisition and people development. These HR tools are in two product lines the 360 feedback products and the Facet Personality Assessment Products.

To know more about them log on to

Facet 5

A 'Big 5' personality model, allowing managers to understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations.

Facet 5 was designed in response to the quest for an instrument which combined modern design, construction and appearance, ease and flexibility of use, reasonable cost and integration, with human resource management systems. It is based on recent developments in personality theory and management development, and is simple and practical to use. Facet 5's theoretical and psychometric integrity to other mainstream, but now dated, personality questionnaires.

Using the widely accepted 5 factors of personality, it is the most detailed and accurate.

Facet5 also comprises of a number of modules that can be used in the following application areas
Selection - Audition Searchlight
Integration- Team scape
Management- Leading Edge
Development - Work preferences
Facet5 has been developed by Consulting Tools, UK.

VIN Management Consultants partners with Approach Talent Solutions to administer and train executives in India on Facet5

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Connect with us

Address: 402, Chitrakoot 'A-Wing', Junction of Bole and Dhuru Marg Agar Bazar, Dadar - West, Mumbai 400 028, INDIA.

Phone Number: +91 22 24366801/2/3
Mobile Number: +91 9920066801


Directions from the Siddhi Vinayak Temple have been given on the map to the right.

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Our Services

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HR Outsourcing

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Supporting clients with HR Management

Organizations all over the world outsource their human resource functions to specialists for the following reasons.
  • To gain access to expert knowledge and services that may be too costly to provide themselves.
  • To reduce administrative work which will enable them to focus more on strategic issues
  • To reduce operating costs and the huge investments.
Today's business reality requires organizations to become increasingly more efficient in managing their human resources function. Attracting, retaining and developing a staff of human resources professionals and keeping up-to-date with the latest technology can prove difficult and costly for many organizations.

The HR outsourcing formula works because a growing business needs the full range of HR management expertise. However, most organizations do not have the volume of personnel management work to cost-justify a full in-house service.

That is where we come in.

VIN Management's human resources outsourcing provides the knowledge and resources to expertly perform part or all of a clients' human resources function, allowing them to streamline their internal processes and concentrate on generating profit in their core business.

Our trained staff & sophisticated human resources tools can supplement, or replace, client-staffed systems. VIN Management offers a wide range of outsourcing options; including strategic human resources plan, assistance in benefits plan administration, staffing, selection and assessment, leadership and training and development.

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Why Outsource HR?

Many factors will contribute to any organization’s decision to outsource its HR functions. The following are some of the fundamental benefits that HR Outsourcing can deliver:

  • Enabling businesses to focus on core operations
  • Delivering cost savings - whether direct or indirect
  • Helping to create a stable, cost-effective operating platform
  • Transferring focus from internal processes to achievement of business goals
  • Realizing investment in HR transformation and IT systems
  • Ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory and best practice requirements
  • Transferring risk and liability for people issues
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Our Approach

VIN Management's approach to HR Outsourcing focuses on delivering tangible business benefits to our clients:
  • Transforming how employees are managed and motivated
  • Enabling line managers proactively to manage and coach their staff
  • Producing significant cost savings - both direct and indirect
  • Allowing our clients to focus on delivering service to their customers
  • Enabling our clients better to manage operating costs - and to use this increased control to their competitive advantage.
Our HR Outsourcing specialists work in partnership with our clients to address the broader people issues that they face. These issues may include:
  • Business productivity and performance
  • Attraction and retention of staff
  • Employee well-being
  • Employee motivation and commitment

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Functions that can be outsourced to VIN

VIN Management delivers high-quality administrative and transactional processes in a variety human resources and related business functions:

  • HR Strategy & Implementation
  • HR administration - including maintenance of all personnel files, attendance management; and employee data management and reporting
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and development administration
  • Performance & Compensation Management
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Why us?

VIN Management is at the forefront in expertise & offers a unique combination of experience & people focus that collectively make our HR Outsourcing solutions stand out from the market:

Experience - VIN Management has been delivering outsourced HR services for over 10 years

People focus - VIN Management's approach strategically aligns people, processes & technology to improve business performance

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Executive Training


Approach Talent Solutions is the India partner with Consulting Tools a UK based global firm. Consulting Tools is a provider and developer of innovative, high-quality people and process solutions for consultants and business professionals.

VIN Management Consultants partners with Approach Talent Solutions in consulting for business solutions using HR Tools such as:

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Facet 5 is a widely accepted "Big 5" personality assessment tool used over 30 countries. It is the most detailed and accurate tool available. Facet 5 combines modern design, construction and appearance, ease with flexibility of use, and reasonable cost. Based on recent developments in personality theory and management development, it is simple and practical to use. Facet5's theoretical and psychometric integrity is superior to other mainstream, but now dated, personality questionnaire.

Facet5 allows the managers to understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations. Designed expressly for the workplace and validated to rigorous academic standards, Facet 5 is useful for selection, development, leadership and team-building applications.

Facet5 in comparison to other assessment tools

  • It differs from all those based on Jungian theory (MBTI, TMI etc) in that it has a separate measure of Emotionality.
  • It differs from those based on William Marston's work (DISC, PPA etc) in that it is normative rather than ipsative and has a reliable measure of all the key factors.
  • It differs from the older questionnaires in that it uses modern natural language and is designed for business use.
  • It differs from multi-factor questionnaires (OPQ, MMPI, 16PF etc) in that it is designed to be easy to understand at the user level.
Facet 5 is widely used in recruitment, career counseling, management development and team building by many MNCs, consultancies & independent trainers worldwide.

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360 degree Feedback

360-degree feedback is a process of comparing self-perceptions of skills, performance or personality attributes to those of others who work closely with the individual. The invited feedback typically comes from direct reports/subordinates, peers, colleagues, managers in the organizational hierarchy and in some cases external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. The goal of 360-degree feedback is to enhance awareness of one’s strengths and potential developmental opportunities to increase personal or team effectiveness. 360 refers to the 360 degrees in a circle, an all round view, and 360-degree feedback is also known as multi-rater feedback. 360 has various tools:

Custom View 360: It is our customer centered on line 360 degree feedback system that really impacts organizational performance. You can customize content, design & process to match your approach & culture. Executive View 360: Executive View 360 delivers rigorous, in depth reports on Senior Executives’ strengths & development needs. It provides senior executives with rich growth opportunities, enabling them to become world class in their thoughtful & appropriate handling of the full spectrum of organizational issues. Executive View 360 assesses 22 critical competencies in four areas:
  • Performance Leadership, Change Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership& Personal Leadership.

  • Leader View 360: It is a brief concise assessment focused on middle & senior managers. It assesses core components of leadership, creating an organizational vision, communicating it, working with & managing other people. Leader View 360 assesses 35 critical leadership behaviors in seven core competencies required for effective leadership in today’s organizations:

  • Planning, Problem SolVINg, Controlling, Self Management, Managing Relationships, Leading & Communicating.

  • Manager View 360: It creates an in depth report of the strengths & developmental needs of managers from supervisory to senior level. Manager View 360 assesses 20 critical managerial competencies required for effective leadership & managerial effectiveness in four broad areas:
  • Leadership / Performance, Management, Interpersonal Communication& Problem Solving.

  • Performance View 360: It looks at the strengths & development areas of non supervisory & non managerial staff. It summarizes the views of an individual compared to those of their managers & peers. The report gathers fourteen critical competencies into three main areas:

  • Project / Task Management, Interpersonal / Team & Communication.

  • Team View 360: It helps understand & enhance team effectiveness & performance. Each team member gains a better understanding of his/her strengths, limitations & developmental areas. Team View 360 measures each individual’s scores compared to the team members & teams’ overall average scores. It uses 31 team oriented behaviors within seven major competencies:

  • Problem Solving, Planning, Controlling, elf Management, Managing Relationships, Leading & Communication.

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Talent Accelerator

Talent Accelerator is a web based professional development tool integrated with 360 assessments. It will provide you with a guided for developmental planning based on “Best Practices” of how people successfully change. The online tool is designed to help translate awareness from all of our assessments into lasting behavior change. Components of Talent Accelerator – Educates, Monitors, Coaches, Promotes Insight, Teaches & Reminds.

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Executive Search

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Commitment to quality Executive Search

Vsource undertakes select search assignments for middle and senior level management across diverse industries. Our commitment to quality service provides our clients with the best talent in the industry. We believe in maintaining complete confidentiality in our relationship with the client and the candidate. We emphasize on working with our clients as business partners with the highest standards of professional ethics.

In our constant endeavor to establish long-term relationships with our clients, we deliver value-added services of high quality.

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Our Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Our thoughtfully crafted Recruitment gives us an edge over our competitors. The recruitment of the middle and senior level management is done by direct contact through research, internal databank, sourcing, and corporate networking. A series of well-planned steps help us to complete a successful search.

  • Research Target Companies / Sources
  • Identify potential candidates
  • Schedule initial screening interviews of candidates
  • Evaluate Interviews
  • Evaluate the interviewed candidates on Personality and Communication skills
  • Shortlist candidates based on Consultant evaluation
  • Assess client requirement and select the best profiles
  • Coordinate Client-Candidate Interview
  • Follow up and Evaluate Client Feedback
  • Schedule Second Round of Client-Candidate Interview
  • Professional Etiquettes & Personal Grooming
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of Offer
  • Conduct Reference Checks
  • Close the position with acceptance / appointment of candidate

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Helping to Create Career Opportunities

Vsource works with career oriented professionals who are interested in learning about long-term job opportunities with our clients. We believe in career path consulting rather than simply making a quick placement based on a client's requirements.

Vsource understands that our candidates have entrusted us to represent their interests. We strive to introduce our candidates to firms and career opportunities that are appropriate for their background and experience and which we believe to be in their long-term interests. We value successful long-term candidate relationships based on trust and respect.

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Your Privacy Matters

Vsource understands your need to maintain your privacy when searching for a job. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure user experience. Your personal and employment information will be used in our regular recruiting business only.

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Your Needs Are Unique...So Is Our Approach

At VIN Management
...we're not just problem-solvers, we're puzzle solvers because we apply creativity, innovation and an open mind in supporting our clients' training needs.

...we are committed to providing the highest quality training to assist our clients to achieve their corporate goals.

...our training programs are based on extensive research & analysis of training needs.

...we work with our clients to tailor each of our training programs to their specific requirements.

Our emphasis is on improving effectiveness, efficiency & skills of individuals & organizations, by creating an awareness of alternative methods, options & solutions, systematic analysis of problem areas & goal-orientation of plans / actions with time-tested techniques.

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Some areas of training:

  • Facilitation Tools, Tips & Techniques
  • Competency based Interviewing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Inter- Personal Effectiveness
  • Team Building
  • Selling Skills
  • Performance Management / Performance Effectiveness
  • Stress Management
  • Performance Appraisal Workshops
  • Professional Etiquettes & Personal Grooming

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