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Expanding workforce capability and leadership

To compete effectively in today's global marketplace, employees at all levels-leaders and individual contributors alike- must make a commitment to their ongoing personal and professional development. Expanding workforce capability and leadership bench strength has never been more important, and employees must be readily deployed to new value-producing activities so that their organizations can respond quickly and effectively to business challenges and opportunities. Coaching provides an incisive ,customized, and effective way to develop both leaders and individual contributors, but it also labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. That is why it is so important that developers are highly skilled.

Some Areas of Training

  • Facilitation Tools, Tips & Techniques

  • Competency based Interviewing Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership Skills for Managers

  • Inter- Personal Effectiveness

  • Team Building

  • Selling Skills

  • Performance Management / Performance Effectiveness

  • Stress Management

  • Performance Appraisal Workshops

  • Professional Etiquettes & Personal Grooming

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